Business Intelligence: AIOS implements BI solutions with BOARD

AIOS Solutions supports companies and organizations with customized BI solutions to extract a sound decision-making basis from complex data sources of various pre-systems.

A professional interface and cleanly consolidated data combined with flexible and detailed analysis, reporting and planning possibilities form the basic prerequisite for substantiated decisions. A dedicated BI solution enables you to lead your company agilely and better informed into a successful future. Our specific expertise is in complex projects which have profound effects on finance, accounting and controlling. Challenge us!

BI Consulting

Business Intelligence (BI) integrates data and makes it available for analysis, planning and quick reporting, without compromising on the details.
Individual BI applications efficiently fill the functional gaps of existing systems and create a valid basis to make well-informed decisions.

BI Modules

Standardized BI modules are developed to handle general business tasks and to provide an efficient and quick start into the world of Business Intelligence. The AIOS consolidation module, for example, has been designed to consolidate financial data for annual financial statements.

Support & Training

As all-round consultants, we train and support you and your team in preparing data, designing processes and working independently with your BI application. We also provide advice on useful evaluations that are enabled by your new BI database and practical tips for the day-to-day work with your Business Intelligence platform.