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Informed decision-making enabled by individual BI solutions

Business Intelligence (BI) integrates data from different pre-systems and sources in one platform. The data is thus accessible for analysis, planning and reporting without compromising on the level of detail. Individual BI applications hence fill the functional gaps of existing systems and enable valid decisions making. AIOS Solutions utilizes the proven and award-winning software by BOARD.

The challenge: reporting, analyzing & planning from heterogeneous systems

Multiple systems and no overview? There is no consistent data base in the company? The reporting process takes too long and questions cannot be answered? Entrepreneurs, executive managers and other decision makers in the area of finance are aware of the considerable problems that arise from heterogeneous systems and complex data sources.

Decision-related information is often generated in various, non-integrated systems or specialist applications and must be comprehensively merged. Analytical ability, responsiveness, and the agility of management control are most afflicted with such conditions. What is missing is a consistent, valid data base.

The solution: reporting & corporate performance management from a single source

All-in-one Lösung - Business Intelligence mit BOARD
Analysis, planning and reporting processes become effective, quick and meaningful through the professional implementation of a business intelligence platform. The BI application combines information from various data sources. Reports and evaluations can be generated quickly and easily. Dynamic switching between different data levels and evaluation views as well as adapting them to the needs of your organization are some of key features of BI with BOARD. Most importantly, the entire solution is flexibly scalable.

AIOS Solutions uses the BOARD BI-platform. BOARD is known for its user-friendliness, performance and analytical strength.

Decision-making from one platform

All elements of a decision-making process can be mapped with a BI platform: data collection, its complex analysis, flexible planning and forecasting as a basis for decision-making. The BI application provides the user with all the important tools. Starting from overview level users can access several other levels eventually drilling down to full details. With a change of display the user further enables the quick investigation and analysis of information from a uniform data pool and from any perspective.

The possibility of day-to-day data acquisition allows current ad-hoc queries in all areas at any time. With the help of MS Office add-ins, charts from BOARD are imported directly into Word, Excel or PowerPoint and can be updated at any time at the click of a button. This means that even short term analysis orders or reporting requests can be met in the most timely and accurate manner.

Professional implementation in 4 steps

prozess basis_aios_12_100_v2_EN
Go-live with BOARD is usually possible within a 2 to 3 months timeframe, depending on the desired functionalities and the company’s or organization’s own contributions during development and implementation.
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