BI Modules

Standardized BI modules

A whole range of typical tasks of financial planning and reporting can be solved very comfortably with BI applications by BOARD. Based on years of experience in the implementation of individual BI solutions, AIOS Solutions develops standardized BI modules for such common tasks. These modules provide a cost-effective and swift start into, for instance, the consolidation of financial data with BI. Currently AIOS Solutions develops a standardized BI module for risk management. Talk to our experts and learn more about the AIOS BI modules!

AIOS BI module: Financial Consolidation

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This standard module has been developed specifically for financial consolidation. The proven BI software of our system partner BOARD is in use here again. Our longstanding experience in accounting, auditing and consulting has been incorporated in the development of this module. The goal was to create a solution which reliably supports the individual stages of consolidation in accordance with the principles of orderly acounting. Particular emphasis was put on the user-friendliness of the solution and creation of many pre-set standard templates.

Transparent consolidation steps

The AIOS BI-module guides the user step by step through the consolidation. The individual steps of the process can be verified through consolidation bookings. Moreover, the module allows drilling down into full details at any time and in various granularities.

Flexibility with high level of details

If needed, segmented profit and loss statements can be created with reasonable effort by using the consolidation module. This functionality is a good example for the module’s comparatively wide range of use thanks to its high flexibility.

Comprehensive automation

The module allows comprehensive automation without disregarding the user. Bookings are initially proposed and then accepted or alternatively revised. The degree of automation can be increased through complementary modules.